Cheetah’s PMP Exam Prep Certification 2012

Cheetah Exam Prep Certification (PMP) 2012

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Course Proposal For Professional Development


Objective: Obtain Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential

Corporate Benefits:


  • Improve performance on our projects (reduce cost, improve schedule and improve quality)
  • Studies indicate a 75% success rate for projects that employ Modern ProjectManagement concepts, tools and techniques.
  • ANSI Standard – becoming PMP® certified ensures I understand the gold standard for doing project management, worldwide.
  • Common language with respect to Project Management – everyone has their own unique way of doing projects.  This is fine if people are working by themselves.  In our organization we need to get our projects done with teams.  Having a common language and way for doing projects helps our teams work far more effectively together on our projects.
  • Highly valuable professional credential – people will take me more seriously and our department more seriously because we are investing in professional development that shows measurable results.
  • Staying Power – Modern Project Management is all-encompassing and incorporates most management specialties.
  • Cheetah is IACET™ certified meaning the course can be used for Continuing Education Credits.

Plan:  Take Cheetah Exam Prep® for the PMP® Course by Cheetah Learning – complete all course work and take the test in one week.  Most people spend 3 – 6 months studying to take the test and 40% of them fail with that approach.  Cheetah has the highest audited continuous pass rate for 10 years.

Risk Management:  Cheetah Exam Prep guarantees I pass.  If I don’t, they reimburse the PMI member retake exam fee and if I don’t pass after three attempts, they completely refund my course fee.


I passed the PMI’s PMP exam the first time with excellent results.

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