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Traci Bryant on behalf of Chris Cherry (Mondelez Project sponsor) – (Sept. 2013)

Mondelez FNP Consolidation Project


Recognition @ HP

The following recognition was sent to Jorge Shailer-Baker from Traci Bryant. Please take the opportunity to congratulate the employee and share your pride in the accomplishment!

Congratulations Jorge Shailer-Baker!

You have been recognized in the Living Our Values FY13 program by Traci Bryant in the category of Results through Teamwork . Here is what was said about you:

Jorge has taken on a new role this year with the Mondelez account. Despite a large learning curve on the detailed hosting work we do, he shows his experience in his communication skills and getting to the root of a process.

One of his challenges this year was a large group of 60 FNP servers that needed refreshed. The customer decided very late in the year the direction this would take. Jorge has worked with them since that decision to deliver to best of HP’s ability.

Today, I heard Chris Cherry, our customer for this work, indicate that he was impressed by what Jorge had accomplished in the time he had been given. This is truly a win for our account and we credit this work to Jorge. He worked with a leveraged team to deliver more than the customer expected and escalated where he thought it would benefit the Mondelez Account for HP.


Cristina Sanchez

Hewlett-Packard – ITO Global Information Security Manager (Feb. 2012)

“Thank you Jorge for helping DCS security to be part of this great program with the panamanian universities: Universities relations program. Thank you for going the extra mile and thank you for understanding your role within HP, moving above your normal duties.”


  • HP Universities Relationship Program
  • High Performance Conference (Cyber-Security Conference)


Customer Project/Program Manager II


Language Line Services Panama

  • Excellence in Performance


University of Panama – FAECO

  • I provided Microsoft Windows & Office Seminar for Professors & Administrative Staff.



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